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                      "A New Spirit "


As I welcome you to ''A New Spirit'', I'd like to share a few thoughts.

I am very excited to begin a new chapter in my life and hope to inspire and give guidance to others.

Each one of us is born into this world with unique gifts but for many reasons most of us do not recognize the Divine Light within ourselves. When we give permission to express and honor our True Self, our spirit glows with radiance. We are then able to trust and explore all the gifts we have come to share.

My interest in the metaphysical and spirit has included 30 years of study, practice and teachings. This has allowed many opportunities for self healing and elevated states of awareness. As a natural medium and channel I am able to communicate and work with those in spirit on many levels of healing. I am a certified Spiritual Counselor, provide reading and energy healing sessions, teach classes and workshops in spiritual development, mentor and assist spirit in earthbound rescue and transition. I believe my life's purpose is to assist others in awakening their spiritual gifts and Divine Life's mission.

For each thought we put into the universe a reaction occurs. Thoughts and actions create reactions. By thinking positive we attract a positive flow into our life as the same applies for negative. What we conceive, we create, what we create, we experience, so what we experience we conceive. Conceive - create - experience. The key to enjoying life.

My occupation of eleven years in the medical field has allowed for a better understanding of others personal struggles with illness, dis-ease and energy imbalance. I've come to learn and understand that the key to healing must begin first within the self. When one is truly ready to begin this journey, the intention is heard and all will be created and set into motion that which is needed for each one of us...have Faith and Trust ALL is as it should be.

As a Tai Chi and meditation instructor, I've learned our state of mind is very important for our growth and in order to accept things for what they are we must learn to achieve a balance in life. By maintaining this perfect balance, we begin to awaken. We then see, feel and enjoy all that Source God presents to us. Take the time to find your True Self by opening your heart, quieting your mind and allowing your intuition to guide you. The possibilities are endless.

Along the way I have met some very special friends and realize that every moment in life enables us to grow spiritually if we choose to do so. As I have moved forward on my path in life, I've been blessed with abundance in many ways. My desire is to continue to inspire and awaken in others their intuitive awareness, healing abilities and to help restore balance in the spirit, the mind and the body.

With much love and appreciation I wish to thank God, the Angels, Master Teachers, Guides and all those in spirit as they continue to have patience, love and understanding ... and for their wisdom and teachings during my time of personal growth ~ though it's been difficult and quite humbling at times.

I would like to also thank my children, family and friends for the support they've given me every step of the way ~ and there have been many.

So many wonderful people have touched my life and I am grateful for all the lessons, joy, tears and love we have shared together during this incredible and blessed journey ... it is because of each of you that I am where I am meant to be ~ thank you.

May you find the faith, comfort and tranquility you need to continue to honor life's changes.

Love will begin the Journey, Faith will guide the way and we must Trust that All is in Divine Order.

Many Blessings of Love and Light



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