Classes and Workshops


Private Spiritual Development Classes
Including Past Life Regression

Open dates and times are now available for personal spiritual development, life regression and mentoring classes. These classes are a private one-on-one for a 2 hour session with the fee of $150.00. It will include connecting with and receiving information from your guides, past life review and provide the necessary tools required for your own personal spiritual growth. You will receive a specific crystal, practice in meditation and connecting/meeting with your spirit guides, learn to apply your abilities, understand and work with energies. Please wear comfortable clothing and only light food and water the day of your session.

*Sessions requires a strong elevated level of frequency and vibration. It is suggested that you prepare by getting plenty of sleep the night before. Please expect to feel slightly light headed after class but time is allowed for all symptoms to subside before leaving.

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Spiritual counseling sessions may be done in person. Skype or by phone. There is a 30 min. and a 60 min. time slot available. You may decide which length of time would best provide the time needed for the information you request. The fee for a 30 minute session is $50 and a 60 minute session is $ 100. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact me at ...sjdremow@gmail.com

Meeting with Like-Mind ~ Classes and Workshops

The classes and workshops offered are provided for you to understand the many changes taking place at this time in our lives. They are for meeting and spending time with others having similar challenges, experiences and a new sense of awareness. There is much more spiritually taking place around us and by having a safe haven to learn, understand and share is very important for each of us. We must nurture our spirit as well as our mind and bodies and so the reason for our gatherings.

There are always opportunities for growth if you choose. As I will continue to teach it is your decision to learn. Much of the material offered and taught at our classes is through the spirit world. I never really know what will take place so it is important for you to come with an open mind and a desire to expand your senses through awareness and experience beyond our physical world.

Workshops for Spirit communication, Hands on Healing, Numerology, Raising your Vibration, Chakras and a Balanced Energy Field, Psychometry and Singing bowl Meditation

Fees for each class/workshop range from $35.00 to $50.00 p/p with a minimum of 8 people and may be conducted at my place of business or other home/facility. If you are on our mailing list you will receive an email with all upcoming classes, workshops and place of gathering. Since seating is limited, there may be a request for a non-refundable deposit due 1 week prior to the class for reserved seating with the balance due the day of the workshop. All credit card payments may only be made through Paypal located on the website at the check-out, please contact me for further information. You may also make a cash or check payment in person or by mail. Since there will be limited seating, it is necessary to provide a   "first come, first serve  " reservation. A refund will not be provided if you are not present the day of the workshop, as the seat was reserved for you. A light lunch will be included for workshops extending over 3 hours but if you prefer, you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Each class will consist of a presentation, partnering and practice. Please bring a notebook and pencil for notes. Comfortable clothing and water is recommended. Keep in mind you will be removing your shoes as is with all classes, please dress weather appropriate. It is also recommended that you bring a crystal as we do practice communicating with our guides at each class.

We may have loved ones, friends or co-workers who have transitioned as well as Angels and Guides greet us during this time. We have also had encounters where I was able to guide the group through a Spirit Rescue or Spirit Crossing situation. We never really know what will take place these evenings but we each look forward to what spirit has decided to present to us....quite a learning experience for all who attend!

*If you are interested in having a workshop at your home or facility, please contact me for further information. Payment for those attending is due 1 week prior to the workshop. Please note .. A refund will not be provided if you (guest) are not present the day of the workshop, as the seat was reserved for you.

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