The following testimonials have been provided by clients so they may share their own personal challenges and experiences with others. As you read each one, I hope you will find them as heartfelt and endearing as I do. May you each find grace in the Light of God as you continue your journey.


When I went to see Stephanie I was in a very confused place. I was almost obsessed with knowing the answers to my path or who my soulmate would be. I wanted someone to tell me what to do--so much even that I saw several psychics. After my time with her, I felt a sense of peace. It wasn't so much about getting answers from her, but that she opened my mind to a whole new process of thinking. The questions that I so desperately felt needed to be answered soon became obsolete. She gave me the answers I needed, but more importantly, inspired and encouraged me to find answers within myself.

I'd never experienced such a release. When I left from my reading I immediately felt a swirling & tingling in my chest. I was driving and almost pulled over because I was initially frightened by it. But then I remembered the bit of chakra opening work she did with me & realized my heart chakra was open. She'd awaken something in me that literally left such a mark, I haven't felt the need to get a reading in the past 2 years. I do strongly encourage energy work. She's amazing and can give you the tools to embrace your light.

P. Cartwright
August 2014


I have had the pleasure of knowing Stephanie for 7 years now. She delivers message from the spirit world with confidence making sure you have a clear understanding of the messages you receive. As a mother of an autistic son, I have struggled with the "why" and "how" of it all. Through personal readings, Stephanie has helped me understand the possibilities of his choice of autism as well as my role as his mother. She has also explained why I may have accepted this challenge which allowed me to see more clearly the relationship my son and I share in this lifetime. I have learned that each of our lives provide many lessons and personal journeys for specific reasons.

I've recently had an energy healing session with her, it was a experience I will never forget. I've had aches in my legs for years and have had procedures done on my veins which left me with little relief. After 1 healing session the pain is gone, I could actually feel spirit touching my legs as she did her work.

Currently I am one of her students and have been working on developing my psychic abilities. I am so honored to have her as my spiritual adviser, my healer and my friend, she truly has a special gift. 


Sewell, NJ
April 2012

Since I was a young girl I have searched for some truth to our human existence. Something about the stories in the bible felt wrong and I specifically did not resonate with the fear these stories instilled into me. When I became very ill at the age of 9 with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis my search for truth only grew stronger. I was taught that I was special because I was chosen by God to fight this hardship. This did not sooth my suffering and only caused me to hate God even more for choosing me to be so special. For several years I spiraled downward in a deep depression. I prayed for God to no longer see me special and to relieve my suffering. With time I was able to eventually pull myself from the deep depression but only because I continued to seek the truth. After so many years of praying for help and guidance I met Stephanie Dremow.


It’s only been a little over 3 years since I have begun sessions with Stephanie and I have experienced some amazing messages from the other side. Although I cannot say I have been physically altered in the way I may have dreamed of, I have learned I am this way for my own spiritual growth and not because God has chosen to mark me as special nor is it a punishment. With Stephanie’s help I am learning to see my experience as a gift and to use it to help others. It is because of her kind heart, determination, and pure intentions that I continue on my path of truth and live a better life. I will not say the path is easy once you begin but it’s worth every cry, laugh, and moment of insanity! Stephanie will take you in her arms and bring you into a community of people all looking for the same answers. She never misleads you and helps you to find your own truths. You will learn about the energies in our bodies and you will even witness this energy on her table.  I do not regret beginning this journey and I truly look forward to what is to come!  



With Love xoxoxox

Laura - Clayton NJ

July 2011



Sitting with Stephanie for a reading is a remarkable experience:  she is the real deal.  I've sat with a couple of other psychics, who were good, but there's something quite lovely about how Stephanie does her work - it's all about health, healing and love.  You won't be told your lucky number, or where your next job will be, for example.  During our reading, she was able to create a space for me in which I could be in touch with two significant loved ones who'd passed over - one hoped for, and one that was completely unexpected.  It was wonderful. 
Contact with my father, who passed about 13 years ago was a surprise, and a happy one at that.  He was eager to connect with me, and even had our much loved family dog with him.  I was amazed and joyful to hear from him.  Contact with my life partner, who had passed a few months prior to our reading was an extraordinary and very moving experience for me - I now know with certainty that she is OK, without pain or distress, and she will always be with me.  I learned from Stephanie and her guides that the spirit world is all about love ... that love never dies.  Afterward, I felt exhilarated, prepared to go on, even as I continue mourning the loss of the love of my life.  I still, of course, miss her in this physical world and wish she didn't have to leave when she did - and, somehow, I know that everything is OK.
Now, I don't begin to understand how all of this works.  I am trusting my instincts here.  There is a reason why Stephanie Dremow's name came to my attention, and a reason why I decided to act and put myself in a room with her.  With my partner's passing, I've begun to (re)discover god, the great spirit, a higher being.  My time with Stephanie is part of that, an experience that is exponentially expanding my awareness and understanding of a spiritual life here on earth.  I will happily continue to work with her, and believe that she is helping me navigate this interesting and often profound pathway. 
Cherry Hill NJ
Sept 2010

At the age of 12, while running on the deck of my father's home, I had a splintered piece of wood go through my right heal. After having it removed at the ER, I hadn't thought much about it until several years later at which time I noticed I had developed a large patch of flat warts on the same heal. During the course of doctor visits due to painful symptoms, I needed to see a specialist because it was becoming worse. I was told the only way to remove the aggressive warts was to have them cut out since they were deep within the tissue. I was also told the surgery would consist of removing the heal tissue and because it was so close to the bone, it could cause further complications, a risk in itself. The possibility of foot and bone abnormality and infection, I did not want the procedure and decided against it.

I had met Stephanie a few years ago while she was doing readings and decided to set up an appointment for a healing. During my session, Stephanie noticed something going on with my right foot, although I had socks on, she then focused on opening the energy chakra and said it was like Niagara Falls with all the junk pouring out! I felt sensations throughout my foot and body the entire time. As time went on I noticed the warts were completely gone and almost a year later have not returned! I couldn't believe this happened with just one session but knew that I would see her again.

My fiancé is also a client of Stephanie's as well as my sister. 

I'm sharing this story so others will realize that doctors are not always right and that our bodies don't always need slicing, dicing, medications and a fortune in tests. When our body is balanced it will begin its own healing when it needs to. We need to understand that our energy body is just as if not more important than our physical body and to learn to take care of both.

Stephanie has a beautiful and genuine gift and is willing to help us find the path that is best for us.

Jaina                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Millville, NJ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   07/10

I met Stephanie when I was having trouble surrendering to the flow of life.  Her work restored my faith in and connection to something greater than myself and helped me to embrace the ordered uncertainty of the human experience.  Once we began meeting regularly, my days were flooded with calm and the incidents of serendipity.  She is a true vessel of divinity.


Crystal C.

Philadelphia, PA




One Christmas, a friend of mine gave me a gift certificate to see Stephanie.  The reason she did this was because all my life I have felt angels/beings around us.  I've experienced things that others, except people like Stephanie, don't experience.  I could sense peoples feelings and sense danger.  I could sense their pain and their sorrow.  For years people called me weird.  I know today, that there are many among us who experience these same things and are afraid to express themselves because society does not accept it.  I just want to say, It's OK.

In 2007, I was diagnosed with cancer stage IV.  I didn't and don't believe in Chemo/Radiation at least not for me.  I do believe in the healing power of God, all his angels both on earth and celestial and the power of positive thinking.  That is when I decided to use my certificate and meet Stephanie. 

Our meeting was enlightening and inspirational.  We felt a cosmic connection, a commonality.  She connected her energy with mine and I can honestly say that I felt as if I was between heaven and earth.  During that hour of healing, I felt such peace and tranquility, the energy of healers around me.  Stephanie calls them her spirit guides.  I call them God's healing angels.  I could feel them touching the parts of my body that were afflicted.  Today I am in remission.  Thank you...

Stephanie has the ability to bring out the best in a person.  She is caring and through this caring she is able to sense good and bad energy levels.  She has the ability to set you in the right path. If you just listen. Once you have set yourself in the right path, everything else falls into place.  Life becomes richer and fuller after each session.  You learn to accept that which you cannot change, learn there is more to life than just living it. You learn to accept people for who they are and not try to change them.

Sessions with Stephanie are a journey into your life.  You must be open to the realm of all possibilities.  Her gift is genuine.  It's a learning and spiritual experience.  God puts people on earth for a reason and a purpose. You, my dear friend, have been richly blessed and I thank you.

Vineland, NJ



Growing up, I was always more sensitive than most of the other people that were around me. I tended to know certain things about someone without being told. There were times I would dream something or get a flash of something and then it would happen in life. Unfortunately, I didn't have anyone who was open to the spiritual world and I was scoffed at when I would bring topics of that nature up. This left me feeling lost and lonely as a young adult. When I met my fiance and his family, they thought a lot like I did and this allowed my spirituality to grow and I also began meditating, but I still felt somewhat stifled for reasons I couldn't really articulate... I definitely felt like I was searching for more.

Thankfully in August of 2008 my fiance and I met Stephanie. We had been looking (for the 3 years we were together before meeting Stephanie) for something that would help us jump start our spirituality. We both considered ourselves spiritual people, but needed some guidance and an outlet for us to grow.

From the minute I stepped into the Angel Room I felt safe and peaceful... I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. It was like my spirit rejoiced ...YES! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

I could tell instantly that Stephanie was a very warm and caring person. As soon as she began working on me I felt the healing energy coming from her and it was wonderful. Over the next couple months I had regular sessions and after each one I felt better and better. She has helped me in so many ways... not only in aiding me in my spiritual growth, but she also healed me of physical pain I would get in my neck and in my legs on a regular basis.

It's been about one year since my first session and one week ago I went for a mini session. Her healing energy has gotten even stronger and I have felt fantastic all week! Both my fiance and I are so grateful because we would not be where we are today without her.

I would (and do!) recommend that everyone that is looking for balance and light in their life to go and see Stephanie. God has blessed her with a wonderful gift and in turn has blessed all of us who meet her. Her loving touch not only helps heal us physically, but it opens up doors for our own spiritual growth.

Stephanie... You are such an amazing healer and person and you provided us with the connection and love we needed to help us get on our way to where we want to be spiritually. You have not only helped us immensely, but through helping us you have helped our son have a better life because we are now even better parents! We are so very thankful for having you in our life and you permanently have a place in our hearts. Thank you for being such a loving and beautiful person!

Jessica W.
Philadelphia, PA



When you told me not to say that word anymore, and you told me that I don't have it anymore, I just said ok. For everyone who doesn't know what I am talking about, I have to say the word....arthritis. Well, it is gone, I haven't felt it since Don and I had sessions with you a week ago! I feel wonderful! So far we are truely enjoying our journey. We love the book that you lent us, 'The Mayan Orachle', and are both reading it everyday. It is so helpful. We are in the trust stage. I saw one of my guides in a dream, WOW! We are so glad that we met you, and are glad to be on this journey together.


See you again soon.

Cathy and Don,

Millville, NJ 


Before I met Stephanie, I felt like I was wandering around in the dark with only one shoe on my foot. My energy was all over the place. Now I have become more centered and focused. I know I'm not out of the woods yet but it sure does feel good to be heading in the right direction. Stephanie's light is a beacon in the night for those of us wandering in the dark.

Burlington, NJ


Stephanie Dremow is a very gifted medium, psychic and hands-on healer. We have been close friends for a year and a half, sharing and supporting each other's spiritual growth and development.

I personally know clients of hers who have had wonderful results from her sessions, some physically, others psychologically and/or emotionally.

This is not Reiki, or any other kind of learned method. This is truly genuine, innate spiritual healing ability. I often tell her that she is South Jersey's best kept secret!!

The very first time I had a session with Stephanie, I knew she was very special. As she worked on my etheric body, I had the sensation of a beam of light rising up through the center of my physical body and out the top of my head. I also experienced a spinning, tingling sensation at the top of my head. When I asked her what it was, she said that my crown chakra was opening. About two weeks later, I began to channel! I have been doing so ever since. I have also become sensitive to energy like never before.

I have been a student of medium-ship for over 15 yrs, having sat in many circles and taken part in many workshops. Stephanie launched me down my spiritual path in 60 min. than I was able to accomplish in 15 years of meditation and study.

I have sat in her Angel Room while she works on clients (my family included) and I have seen hazy purple extensions of energy coming from the ends of her fingers. I have seen a purple orb present between her and the client as she works. I have also seen a purple aura around her head. Others have seen her spirit guides, and at times the room is completely full of spirit energy.

Jan A.

Elm, NJ




I had first met with Stephanie in Dec. of 07' for a healing session. From the first moment I heard of her I knew I needed to contact her. I instantly felt comfortable with a sense of relief in her presence. I've suffered with depression for many years due to an abusive upbringing and decided to seek medical advice. I didn't like the idea of being on medication so discontinued but still knew that something was not quite right in my life.
Stephanie was able to tap into the depression and anger and help me begin a healing process. This was accomplished in just the first visit. I have a completely different outlook on life and no longer feel bad about myself. She showed me how much love is really in this world and to believe in myself again. I am doing things I never thought possible and am excited everyday for this journey she has helped me begin.
We have since become friends and she is the most positive, caring, loving and just wonderful person I have ever met. I feel so blessed to know someone like her, she is truly an angel on earth. I know there are so many people in this world that would benefit from meeting her. I am forever grateful for her kindness and generosity and my new outlook on life!
In LOVE and LIGHT ~ Deborah B.   NJ
My first Crystal Healing on 9/17/07 with Stephanie was the most extraordinary experience I've ever had. I also speak on behalf of my husband, mother-in-law, my three daughters; ages 13, 16, 21, and the many people I've referred to her.
She's a very loving, caring, passionate, and dedicated Light-worker!
She has touched all of our lives through spiritual, physical, and emotional healing and continues to teach us how to use our gifts from God.
My immediate family has been through very painful life experiences over the past seven years.  Our pain, anger, grief, etc. is now gone.  We are closer, very happy, and share our spiritual experiences on a daily basis.  We are spiritually awakened and eager to serve our Divine Life's Purpose. We have a better understanding of life's existence.
We openly share our experiences with others and are strong advocates on Spiritual Awakening.  Each of our healings were unique and are testimony that she is a true healer. 
Stephanie continues to teach and guide us through this amazing spiritual journey! 
She has become a true friend and mentor.  We love her dearly.
I know that you will find her just as amazing.
Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you.
God Bless,
Landisville,  NJ
"I woke up today, feeling the effects of a sinus infection/fever, thinking how nice it would be not to have to go to work.  On my way in, I thought what is here for me to learn.  It dawned on me that without the occassional "evil manifestation" plagueing my body, that I would recover and feel well again.  This makes me appreciate when I am well!  Others are not so blessed.  They strive for wellness everyday trying to over-come their affliction.  I am blessed.
Sephanie is an inspiration, healer, and guide.  I had a problem that she so helped me with through her wonderful healing abilities.  I am extremely grateful to her and spirit.
Thank you,
Mayslanding,  NJ


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