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There are several kinds of negative energy with many causes. Blocked energy flow is one which can be caused by clutter and is the main cause of trapped energy that blocks a positive natural flow. Like air, energy moves through your home, but if it can't move freely, it becomes trapped. This creates stagnant energy that continues to accumulate until you get rid of the clutter. Once the area is cleared of blockages, the energy circulates and moves through your home more freely. The stagnant energy is carried away and new energy begins to consistently flow through your home.

A second type is negative thought form energy, which if not corrected will compound to create more of the same. It’s important to have this energy removed from the area once you are aware and by paying attention to how you and those around you mind your thoughts. Remember that when thought forms are created, they exist whether they are positive or negative. The more negative energy created, the more heavy or dense form of energy will be felt moving or becoming stagnant around the living/working space as well as the physical body. If ignored, this type of energy will impact your health, emotions, sleep, weight, state of mind and thought patterns. By being mindful of your internal state of being, thought process and reminding those around you to do the same, you will in turn create a balanced energy flow, healthier living space and more peaceful environment for everyone.

Another type of heavy/negative energy that can be felt in the home or work space is Spirit energy, which may become attached to our own energy system, take up residency in our home or remain at the scene of their death if confused, causing an energy imprint. Not all Spirits around us though are of a negative type. Some are loved ones, Spirit Guides or Angels and the energy felt in their presence is quite different. There are numerous reasons certain spirits may be attracted to individuals and may include the following...substance/chemical abuse, mental/physical illness, depression, guilt and negative activity/thoughts. When we die we must move into pure spirit form, if this transition is not complete, we may become earth bound and need assistance in crossing over. Some spirits may try to communicate in several ways, others may remain within the space until they are detected. For Mediums who have the ability to 'tune in' to this vibration or frequency, they can often assist with the help of their guides if necessary, in the final transition of the spirit. Once they understand what the Medium is communicating to them, they may agree to go on their own or with their spirit guides who will move them towards the Light where their loved ones are waiting.

Before beginning any space clearing/balancing, I will perform a walk through to determine whether or not there is spirit activity. If I find that assistance is required, I will explain the next steps to be taken as we begin the process. Communication is necessary during rescue work and I will convey messages/information to you as we proceed. Once I am aware of guide contact and rescue, I will wait for images of their movement towards the Light, I can then continue with the clearing. 

Fees for energy/space clearing range from ~ $75 to $120 depending on size of area.

Fees for rescue work/earth bound spirits prior to and including a clearing ~ $150 to $400 depending on type of work needed.

For further information regarding any of the above mentioned services, please contact me at ...    sjdremow@gmail.com

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