Messages from spirit guides and loved ones.


Angels and Guides accompany us during our life's journey. They are Messengers of the Divine and live in the Light of the Creator to teach us Love and understanding. Though we may not always feel or hear them, they are there waiting for us to speak with them. They assist us in developing the beauty, power and love within ourselves. Everything that we ask of them is always answered and becomes a learning step on our spiritual path. They patiently wait for us to realize that we are not alone and when we ask they will hear. They will guide us in the direction to evolve but the final decision is our own. By communicating with these beautiful beings, you will be given a greater understanding that you are the Love and Light of this world.

If you feel you need clarification or guidance in a relationship or situation, a reading can provide a clearer understanding of the Divine plan and purpose. A reading may also help attain some answers which can be comforting, especially during difficult times.

 Loved ones that have crossed over may also touch in if they feel the need to counsel, advise, comfort or just say hello. They are always with us and no more than a thought away. They will attempt to convey their messages by thoughts, feelings, pictures and emotions. Their wish is for us to know that the power of Love is very strong and not even death can stand in it's way. 

 No tools such as cards are used while conducting a reading therefore it will take a moment to process and clarify the information. I will share with you the feelings, images and messages I receive. Your Angels, Guides and loved ones will  provide you with knowledge, insight, spiritual guidance and understanding. Afterward I will answer any questions you may have to help clarify the information. Please understand that this is an agreement of respect  and therefore would be in your highest interest to have an open mind.

                                                            Private Reading

                                                      Note: Readings are also available via SKYPE & Phone

A personal private reading is done at my place of business, is approximately 60 minutes in length with a fee of $130.  If the client wishes to have a reading at their residence, fees will be adjusted to include mileage and tolls if necessary.

                                                           Group Readings

Group readings create a wonderful occasion to connect with the spirit world. The length of time is approximately 2 to 3.5 hrs. depending on the size of the group. All attending will receive a message.

Fees for a group reading with a maximum of 10 people or less are as follows: For 5 or less a fee of $350, with 6 to 10 a fee of $70 p/p.

*It will be the responsibility of the host to collect all guest fees and/or make necessary adjustments 1 week prior to the date of service. The day before the sitting I will call to confirm, verify the address and answer any questions you may have.

*Payment in full is due 1 week prior to scheduled date for all group readings.

If you or someone you know is interested in scheduling/booking a reading or event, please contact me at:  sjdremow@gmail.com

                           **Gift Certificates are also available for services provided**

                                                      Please be advised that the information and services provided are alternative.
                                                                                    Continue to follow the advice of your physician if necessary.

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