Through my work as a professional psychic medium and energy healer, I've been asked many questions pertaining to religion and where "people like us" fit in. I decided to remind those attending one of my classes what we believe, so they will find their answers when asked who they are.

We are in a stage of human transition and awakening, we must remember we are powerful spiritual beings. As we begin to awaken to our purpose, we will experience life altering shifts. Find the truth, love and faith within yourself and bring forth your full potential of your being. Shine the light for those wandering in darkness.


We believe in God, that each of us carries the Divine Light of the Creator within us.
We believe that all answers come from within when we connect with the Divine Source.
We believe in Angels, Spirit Guides, Master Teachers and Light Beings that walk beside us while on Earth always and that we are never alone.
We believe that our Angels and Guides are there waiting and ready to assist us at any time and that all we are required to do is ASK.
We believe in providing Healing Energy for Mother Earth knowing that when she is balanced, ALL of our Earth family will heal.
We believe in World Peace, the removal of famine, poverty and hate.
We believe that we have chosen to return life time after life time to raise the vibration of our planet so we may experience Peace on Earth.
We believe in experiencing each challenge that we have agreed to before our re-birth and finding the solutions to our tests in order to grow spiritually.
We believe in our abilities to obtain wisdom, knowledge and understanding through the spirit world to teach us energy balance, positive intentions, holistic health and self-worth through the power within the Human Being.
We pray for others, for guidance, forgiveness, strength and courage to do what we must do no matter how difficult it may be.
We meditate to find answers, balance and to connect with the higher self knowing that everything that happens in life has a purpose.
We understand that not everything is as it seems and that a greater purpose may be unknown to us at this time.
We believe that when we die, we transition into our true natural state of spirit.
We believe that we are Eternal and our loved ones who have transitioned are still very much a part of our human life.
We believe that we each bring our karma of experiences into each lifetime so we may learn balance and evolve into a higher spiritual state of awareness.
We believe that life has a Divine Order, that Faith removes fear.
We believe that we are ALL connected and move within each others lives to learn, grow and experience.
We do not pass judgment, make others wrong or limit God to only a certain chosen few.
We do not believe in doom and gloom theories, hell or brain-washing.
We are not a cult, crazy, ignorant, weird or out of touch with reality.
We do not believe in accidents, coincidences or fear, especially those based in false truths.
We believe life cycles are provided for us to learn how to create positive change in our lives, improve on what we feel is right for us and to be responsible for our actions and decisions.
We do not try to convince you to "be one of us" or join an elite group.
We honor each individual for their own faith and belief for the God Light within them.
We know that Love is the key to Enlightenment, Integrity and Truth.
We know we bring one Humanitarian goal of Love, Hope and Faith to our World.
We know that we are brothers and sisters, that we all share one connection to God and that we are and always will be as ONE.

My wish is for those who have ever questioned our existence and purpose now have a better understanding of who we are and why we are here.


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