Energy Repair ~ Spiritual Healing




 During a session the body will begin to rid itself of energy blocks as it's level of vibration is repaired, heightened and shifted. As a conduit and physical/spiritual bridge, I am able to assist the realm of spirit, at times with the use of crystals, while being guided to remove, repair and strengthen any imbalances or dis-ease in the three bodies: the etheric, emotional and the physical.


The body is first scanned for flow rate of energy, in-prints and intake. We then begin work on clearing, regulating and balancing the aura and all chakras. While the energy field is being repaired and integrated, you will experience feelings of warmth and various movements both internally and externally. I will lay my hands on specific parts of the body allowing the energy to flow more deeply. 

Due to the high frequency of light and vibration you may experience lights, colors, visions, a strong sense of presence and/or communication as the healing process continues. Each client receives exactly what is necessary for his/her own spiritual awareness, development and personal growth ... as your spirit guides are present during the session. 

 I ask that you come with a relaxed mind and a willingness to accept the new life changes this healing will bring.


If you would like to learn more or schedule a session please contact me by email with your name and phone number at:  sjdremow@gmail.com




$130.00 ~ Initial client consultation and session
$80.00   ~ Follow up within 2 to 6 weeks
$50.00   ~ Existing clients seen every 1 to 3 months

Please be advised that the information and services provided are alternative.

                                                                           Continue to follow the advice of your physician if necessary.









                                 *  Long Distance Sessions are also available  *

A long distance session is done in the convenience of the clients home. I will contact the client by phone prior to the start of the session and again after. It is very important that there are no distractions during the 35 minute session so it is suggested that the client find a private and comfortable area to lie down during this time. You will experience physical sensations, please remain relaxed and allow the energy to move into the areas that are needed. You may also notice a mild weakness after the session, it is recommended that you continue to remain in your relaxed position for at least 15 minutes after the completed session. I will then contact you by phone, discuss the session, explain what my visuals and feelings were and introduce you to the new energy moving within your chakras.

If you would like to learn more or have further questions regarding a long distance session, please contact me at the email provided.

The fee for the first session is $80.00 and all sessions there after are $40.00 if scheduled within a 3 month period.


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