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Everything is one great field of energy. Energy is Consciousness. The entire Universe is Energy/Spirit and it is conscious. We are made up of energy/spirit and we are conscious. Our thought, feelings and beliefs which are the sum totality of our consciousness are energy. The only way to have deep profound healing is to have a Violet frequency come in and clear out all the lower frequencies and restore proper divine order in your bio-energetic field which will trickle down to the more dense bodies such as the physical body. This is the summation of Stephanie Dremow's work.

Countless clients have actually seen the Violet rays emit from her hands as she clears, heals and balances the client's field. The pineal gland which emits the great natural spiritual chemical DMT, which induces profound spiritual experiences is run by and corresponds to the Violet frequencies, which many esoteric schools call the "Violet flame". DMT is in all living organisms! It is the universal consciousness connector.

Posted Oct. 08' ,  Philadelphia PA


The Power of Spirit and the Upper Realms of Violet...

Stephanie Dremow is a natural born spiritual healer, and medium. Her gifts of spiritual and energetic healing can bring about profound shifts in consciousness which often times trickle down to the physical body plane. She has been gifted with the ability to view auras and identify blockages, tears, excesses and deficiencies in them and to correct these issues which show up in one's energy field.

"Her clients have experienced shifts of mind and body. Severe depressions, cancer, renal disease and other illnesses have been turned around and healed under her spiritual work. It is extremely common for clients to report a "flow" once again in their lives with relationships, abundance issues, health, etc."

Stephanie is able to activate the bioenergetic fields of the chakras, clear out any debris within them and induce the opening of the third eye and crown chakras. She can detect tears/rips in the field and repair them. Psychic chords are removed that others may have consciously or unconsciously placed in you so that they are linked to them no matter where you are in time and space. Her work is simply amazing.She is able to immediately identify what is wrong with someone and where in their field it is lodged. People often experience profound awareness and release old unresolved limiting beliefs and experiences effortlessly and painlessly. Many have reported acute physical healing consequence of their energetic/spiritual healing sessions. From lack of spirituality to experiences of great cosmic/unity consciousness, Stephanie's work has brought about the sincere raising of one's experience of life. Spiritual, energetic, mental, physical..... all respond to the power of Spirit. At the root cause of what ails a person is a spiritual/energetic imbalance, blockage and/or dissonance. 

Stephanie's gift manifested at a very young age, but in her midlife the Violet light from Spirit came down through her Crown chakra while she was in prayer and meditation, it flowed down into her Heart chakra and through her hands. From then on as she came near people or passed her hands over them an intense shift of consciousness became activated in those around her. The majority of people can feel the power and buzzing of her frequencies just by standing near her.
It is not at all uncommon for her clients to report seeing orbs of violet light swirling around her. These orbs if you research them on the net have been seen around great healers such as Rev. Ron Roth, Jon of God and in many places of joy, prayer, healing and happiness. Clients also often experience the presence of angelic beings around her.

Spirit has called her to serve as a catalyst for the vibrational shift and positive turnarounds in this day and age where the red frequencies of ego, fear, anger, rush and hurry rule. The Violet light that comes through her from the upper chakra realms addresses these red imbalances and toxicities and brings about multi-dimensional healing and a peace that passeth all understanding which only Violet realms can bring. DaVinci himself said that being under the influence of a Violet light increased a persons spiritual capacity tenfold. 

Her work induces intense shifts of consciousness that many have likened to experiences on sacred entheogenic substances such as Ayahuasca, DMT, Ibogaine etc., as her Violet light opens the third eye and crown chakras which are ruled by the pineal gland and its spirit molecule DMT (See the book DMT:the Spirit Molecule or go to Youtube.com for more on it). 

I am posting this because I have experienced all of the above situations with Stephanie's work as have many of my family and friends. If you are looking for an authentic light worker truly called by Spirit then give Stephanie's site a visit at www.answithin.net . After having had these experiences and healing myself with her and after witnessing them happen with friends and loved ones that I have recommended to her, I know am helping spread her work and the awareness of its existence.

As the planet moves more and more into the realms of Spirit and Its Oneness, the lower chakra realms of red, orange, and yellow (which rule the ego, lusts, fears, angers etc.,) fall to the way side. Violet and its frequencies override the lower self and its red colors. Our Higher Self is composed of the heart chakra (green, magenta and pink), the throat chakra (blue), the third eye or ajna chakra (indigo) and the Crown/God consciousness chakra or Violet frequencies.

She is priced at $120 for a 2 hour session and is not out there for the rich and elite only. Her work is Heart and Crown chakra based. It is a work of service and healing.

J.E. - Philadelphia, PA

Oct. '08

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