A Time of Great Change ....


Many of us are very aware of the significant changes taking place around us and within our personal life. We may find our self questioning the purpose of so much chaos and confusion, destruction and disaster, our own purpose during this time of our earth's great shift and how these magnificent changes will effect not only our future but the future of our loved ones.

It is my feelings and understanding that we as physical beings needed a " Wake Up Call ",  to see where the human race is headed and just maybe by allowing us a glimpse of our own self destruction ... the brink of total disaster, we now see that it is time to move towards resolution and world peace ... it is time for change. And so it is ... that we will re-define truth and integrity, compassion and love, purpose and desire, hope and faith and most of all ... the ability to bring Light into a world that has been blanketed in darkness for so very long.

Throughout the next few years Mother Earth will continue to move through great periods of cleansing and the removal of what no longer serves our purpose or that of our World ... making room for a new purpose and energy that we are creating with new hopes and dreams and the World Peace we have so desperately prayed for. Our prayers have been heard ... and they have been answered. We have the ability and the power to create a new world with unconditional love and compassion through more humans as well as the spirit world, more than has ever been experienced within the existence of earth and her children.

Many are feeling the shift, some are understanding, few have been prepared. As the very essence of who we were/are is challenged, our intentions have proven that we all are ready for what we are to become. Some have noticed specific physical changes, anxiety, anticipation, a knowing of something greater taking place. Many will feel a calling to help in some way while others know that their purpose is far greater now that the shift has begun. We often wonder if what we do can make a difference ... it has. Earth feels your intentions and now She is able to assist with the awakening of each of us through our energy system ... if we so choose. The physical body will take the time needed for these new adjustments by modifying sleep, food, activities, relationships, employment, friends, geographical location, personal challenges, etc. Those of us who have been prepared over the past several years to assist our brothers and sisters during this time have been provided with all the necessary information/abilities required through many types of healing modalities. We have come to live our life during this great shift with a specific purpose, a powerful opportunity, one that will assist humanity and earth towards an urgent yet gentle shift of reality.

There is nothing to fear during this shift, have faith and know that all is as it should be in the eyes of God. Do not allow others to project their fears towards you, know that as we move forward during this process earth will once again become stable and life will carry a new meaning and purpose for all of us.

When you are ready to graduate into this new reality through your intentions, listen to spirit and follow your heart, if it feels right then it is. There is no specific way for this to happen, your Soul/Higher Self will guide you to where you are meant to be ... just pay attention, be aware and trust in this guidance.
It is very important for you to discern when deciding what modality is appropriate for you during this time.

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