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Natural Medium & Energy Expert Stephanie Dremow On Spirit Guides, Your Inner Energy & Never Giving Up

Stephanie Dremow
A natural medium with the gift of channeling, South Jersey's Stephanie Dremow brings a warmth and unique sensitivity that inspires and engages, creating a comfortable and positive environment for those seeking new insights to embrace opportunities in energy and spiritual understanding.

Featured in New Jersey's popular Girlfriendz Magazine, Stephanie shares her gift of energy awakening, spiritual healing and the beauty of her psychic connection to the spiritual world. ​As a practicing natural medium, Stephanie has been able to create a bridge between two worlds through her ability to communicate and work with those in Spirit. As a Certified Spiritual Adviser, Stephanie provides psychic readings, energy repair and healing sessions, teaches classes and workshops in spiritual development, mentors others on their spiritual path and assists in guiding earthbound spirits towards their journey into the Light. Stephanie's charm and warmth is expressive and contagious!

Reflecting on her gifts and the gifts she is sharing with so many, Stephanie talks with Consumption Conversations on the gift of channeling, inspiring others and her mission to encourage people to never, never give up!

Stephanie, you are a natural medium with the gift of channeling. You bring a warmth and unique sensitivity that inspires and engages, creating a comfortable and positive environment for those seeking new insights to embrace opportunities in energy and spiritual understanding. Why do you feel it is so important to truly connect with people - to be warm and receptive. How does this approach help you in your work?

Life can be very hectic, stressful and at times painful. When a client takes the time to come for an appointment, I feel it's very important and necessary to create a "safe place" for them. All of us have the ability to feel energy and whether we realize it or not, first impressions do play a part in acceptance.They need to trust me and my work with the spirit world, be open to and accepting of the unknown. I may be asking them to step outside their comfort zone and to open old wounds which can be very painful. I pay attention to details, I listen to what they need to share and I know from experience that this is why they have been guided here. My spirit guides have taught me well and I trust them, if they believe we can assist a client through their journey, then it is my job to prepare a sacred place for them before we begin the work. I know their experience with me (us) is without a doubt going to change their life in a positive way, so the more comfortable they are the easier the transition will be for them.

Stephanie Dremow and her beloved Noel.
You are able to create a bridge between two worlds through your ability to communicate and work with those in Spirit. What do you feel are your greatest gifts, in terms of you ability to help those living in the world today, in body, and those existing in Spirit? And, what do you feel we should all carry in our hearts when we think of those we have loved and lost?

Having the ability to assist someone as they begin a journey of healing is most rewarding. This may be done through a reading, energy work, as a spiritual adviser or teacher, they will choose the modality most needed. Over the years my clients have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for our work together but I don't think they realize just how much it means to me to share in their transformation as well. We are all here to help each other with whatever gifts we've been given, I wouldn't be able to do what I do without each of the people who have also touched my life.

Now looking back at the challenges I've had to endure in life, I realize they were necessary and a gift for many reasons. I've had to face my fears, especially working with spirit, raise my children as a single parent and I've struggled in the same areas as most people. Sometimes I felt very alone and afraid not knowing what to do or where to turn, I've even questioned my own purpose here. The world can be a very scary place, life can be almost unbearable at times and we may loose hope along the way. I understand what my clients may be working through in their life. If I can offer support or encouragement and let them know their not alone then maybe I've given them a reason to not give up. What better gift can you give someone than to remind them to have faith, that they have a life purpose and to know things will get better no matter how difficult it may be.

It's very rewarding to be able to assist in guiding earthbound spirits towards their new journey home. I've never really thought of doing this type of work until about 5 years ago when I received a phone call from someone who explained unusual things going on in his home. That first experience changed everything I had ever believed, heard of, read or saw on TV about earthbound souls. Funny thing when looking back is that I was always meant to do this but needed to overcome some personal fears before I could begin. A recurring dream for 3 years allowed me to move past my fears one step at a time. It was always the same street, same house, the people would change, new rooms appeared and so did more ghosts.

Each time I had the dream I walked further through the house until one night I came face to face with the spirits. Once I did, the fear left, I never had the dream again and a year later my first phone call came for a spirit rescue. That night driving up to the house I had a very long conversation with my guides and made them promise they would be with me at all times. As I walked to the steps I stopped for a minute, looked up at the house and realized this was the house in my dreams, I knew then that I would be OK, that I was ready for this and there was nothing to be afraid of. My experience that night with two spirits taught me a few valuable lessons. One is that no matter what our life was here, we all have a place to go when it's over, home. Another lesson is that fear, whether here or in spirit, is very real and when we trust to open our heart we'll learn that love will always be greater than any fear we have created.

In 2006 I was introduced and partnered with a very special guide. We had worked together for several years before it was time for both of us to move on to new work and our separation began. It was bittersweet, a time filled with many emotions but before he withdrew his energy he provided a very special gift, a journey to the Light. I will carry this experience with me always and one that I must share with others. It is because of this blessing that I am confident that we all return to a place of intense joy and unconditional love. We should always carry our loved ones memory and love for them in our hearts, that creates an energy connection that they feel. They want us to remember them, to hold them in our heart, not in a painful way but in a way of love. We've all experienced the loss of a loved one but know that they are happy, share in family gatherings and that they will be there waiting for us when it is our time to go home.

Off topic, but critically important...what is your favorite kind of cupcake?

Honestly I can't say I have a favorite cupcake. I do love, love, love ice cream and cheesecake though! But give me a piece of blueberry pie and a side of ice cream and I'm in heaven!!

Why do you think true spiritual wellness eludes so many of us today? Is it possible to be a person that is truly centered and at peace with life. Or, is the best approach to be a person who is aware and engaged in life?

One reason may be awareness, another is time. We live in a face-paced society and not much emphases has been placed on holistic care and spiritual well-being but I do see this changing and more accepted in the mainstream. Meditation, Yoga and the like are not taught in school so we don't understand how to stop and breathe, pay attention to our feelings without reacting in a negative way or how to create a sacred place of our own to seek balance. When we understand ourselves as a human and spiritual being, we can then take the necessary steps towards a more meaningful life, one that offers awareness, peace and balance.

We all carry within us a soul, a pure energy form that is focused on a life created for it's specific needs in growth. Yes, it's very important to find the time for holistic and spiritual practices for many reasons, but it's just as important to know that we have come to live as a human being in a human body with all the human necessities. I'm not comfortable with material that requests we remove our self from ego. We all have ego and without it we would stumble through life without any desire to grow, that is a very ungrounded situation. I don't feel anyone should try to remove any part of the whole self, that would leave shattered pieces and lead to more confusion in life. When working on our personal healing, lessons and growth, it's important we love who we are, completely and unconditionally. If there is something we wish to focus and change then we work with the ego and bring about those changes as a whole being. We are here to experience life, fully, with ego and to also incorporate a spiritual awareness, then we will learn balance.

Stephanie, you help people in so many immeasurable ways. What do you feel is your greatest gift - your calling - in terms of utilizing your gifts as a natural medium and energy expert? How do you most want to help people?

I want to make a difference in the world before I leave so I decided to go within and change who I was. I had to trust in my own journey, face my fears in order to learn what I now teach. It's not an easy task but looking back through the transformation I realize that this choice was the most important decision I could have made to fulfill my purpose. It was always up to me but until I took the first step the change could not begin. I want to give hope where there may be none and to remind people that all life has meaning and we do have a specific purpose no matter how it appears to be at times. We are here to assist humanity as the consciousnesses of the planet shifts and we all have a job to do. Everything we need is within us, we just need to have faith, trust and hope.

If you could tell the world one thing, and everyone would listen - and understand - what would that one message be?

"No matter how dark it may seem, how fearful it sounds and how confused and lost you may feel, don't give up. We are never alone and must trust in the positive intentions of prayer. There is a Divine Order to life and know that we are only seeing the tree in front of us, not the whole forest. If you are able to help someone, do so, smile, be kind and send good thoughts of love. Love brings in and holds a high positive vibration and that will always override any darkness."

What is the most challenging thing about being Stephanie Dremow?

Trying to keep up with me and all my craziness! I'm always on the go, working, thinking, creating new ideas. Sometimes my mind is way ahead of my physical capability and then I get overwhelmed. I have to remember to slow down and breathe, not everything needs to be today or tomorrow. I need to be reminded that I'm not here to carry the world on my shoulders and fix all of it's problems. I'm here to make a difference by teaching others to see life in a new light and give them tools that help bring change into their lives, that's what changes the world.

What is the most beautiful, glorious thing about being Stephanie Dremow?

I truly love what I do and to have the ability to use my gifts to help others is a blessing ... and being a mom of course!

Does Stephanie Dremow love coffee or tea?

Coffee is my favorite, Hazelnut, two sugars and extra vanilla creamer! But sometimes I do enjoy a nice cup of spicy hot tea in the winter.

Stephanie, in your diverse work as a natural medium and energy expert, what do you find, over and over again, are the reasons most people come to you for spiritual or physical relief, support or wellness? What do most people want when they come to see Stephanie Dremow?

People want to know that someone really does care, they want someone to listen and help them with life. Their pain may not just be physical but emotional as well and they need to know that everything will be OK, that their life has a purpose and meaning.

I never fully know what brings people to me but I know there's a very good reason. Some come with despair, depression, addiction, pain, the list goes on. It's my job to help them sort through it and find what works best for them whether it's a reading, energy work and/or counseling. Others may come because they've had enough of the old way, old self and are ready for a new beginning, a new understanding and awareness. I've heard people say, "I feel stuck!" or "I'm not happy with where I am in life". The moment the energy connection is made they can breathe again, they feel it. There may be tears and that's a good sign, their ready to begin a healing process and they feel safe now to do so.

Stephanie will teach at Burlington County College this Fall.
Burlington County College has invited you to teach a course this Fall. Please share with us the theme of your course and what you hope people get out of it.

The title: A New Spirit ... A New Journey.
It will consist of four, three-hour classes and focus on a specific topic each week. We'll start off with understanding the journey of the spirit while we cover Karma, purpose, the Chakras and the importance of energy and spiritual awareness. The second week we'll discuss emotions and where they fit into our state of being along with the physical effects of positive and negative emotions. The third class we'll learn how to detox the mind and body and the  fourth class will involve coming into our own personal power.

My desire through this course is to teach self awareness and empowerment by understanding the journey of the human spirit.

Many of us are aware of the significant changes taking place within and around us. We may find ourselves questioning our purpose, have experienced a loss, carry heartache or pain and may be more than we can accept. These very emotional conditions have the potential to cause abuse, addiction, stress, depression and illness that not only affects us but those around us. We may be quietly suffering and afraid to seek guidance or work within a field assisting others with their growth through addiction and illness.

In our lifetime each one of us will experience some type of negative condition whether personally or socially. It's important to establish stability both physically and mentally so we are able to live up to our full potential as human beings. It's time we become consciously aware of who we are, why we are here and begin to create a life with purpose.

I understand the importance of this course and it's effect on the community which is why I am very excited! My guides have informed me that it's time, the people are ready and this is one of the reasons I have been asked. Maybe this is an opportunity that has been planned for me all along, I'm not sure but whether it is or not, I definitely feel like a pioneer preparing for a new adventure!

You know, Stephanie, not everyone is aware that you are creative! You craft beautiful soaps, jewelry and you do it in such a way that, well, the soaps look like yummy bakery goodies! The jewelry is beautiful and the crystals used are so unique and personal to all. Do you love tapping into your creative energies?

Being creative allows me to express my feelings by using my hands. Every bar of soap, piece of jewelry or essential oil balm I create gives me freedom to express myself and my love of being spiritual and human at the same time. I love sitting down and creating an idea that pops into my head, could be a soap design or a crystal and gemstone bracelet. My newest creation is essential oil body balms. Lining up all the scented oils, blending, mixing, creating ..  who doesn't enjoy playing the mad scientist from time to time! I'm able to focus specific energy for each balm I
design, the same way I do with the bracelets and soaps. Sometimes I feel guided to create a certain bracelet well past bed time not knowing why I need to finish it and the next day a client comes for a session and purchases it, how awesome is that?! There's no way possible that anyone will convince me my work is not divinely guided, when someone needs it they will receive it. The reward, seeing the excitement and love a
client or customer has for my work, it doesn't get any better then that!

Would you like to share about motherhood, tips for Moms with children of ALL AGES to help them to create goals toward personal wellness. 

There's no manual that is given to parents when their children are born, it's all a surprise and yes you will make mistakes along the way. But know that they are here for a reason, they have a purpose too, just like we do. We may not agree with their ideas but it's important to listen to them because they have things to teach us. We must instill values, integrity and self worth along with discipline while they grow and learn. Be mindful of your words, they will remember them and be sure to express your love, we all need love. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts and feelings, find time to slow down, have fun and teach them about the earth, their angels and guides, crystals and meditation. They may seem like they don't want to be bothered but trust me, they will remember and one day will use this knowledge. Pay attention, participate and ask questions. Teach them right from wrong and let them know it's OK to dream and create. As a parent you will look back one day and realize that it's not exactly how you planned it to be but remember, they came here with a plan of their own and it's important to honor their spirit. Forgive yourself and forgive them if need be, life is too short and some things just aren't important enough to come between the love you have for each other.

Your calling to help those in crisis, addiction, struggles of life - how would you like to share your goals in this area.

Recently I find myself working more in the areas of crisis, addiction and self improvement through recovery. If a client seeks my service then I have a responsibility to help them while, what I prefer to call, "growing through addiction". Life is about lessons and how we handle these lessons is essential to our growth as a human and spirit being. I can relate to a parent or loved one who is struggling with the experience of addiction whether it's personal or within the family. I've realized that my gifts and abilities may be needed more here, in these murky waters, this is where I am to be, for now. I want to offer my assistance and I'll share my stories too so they know their not alone. One of the most profound messages I've received from spirit was .. "where there's life there's hope, love with all your heart and never give up".

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