Healing Sessions


A healing session is to assist in balancing the body and energy field, to clear the mind and reconnect with our spirit. It is for those who are ready to make positive changes in their life and to remove what no longer serves a purpose. You will move into a new frequency/vibration, attain greater self awareness/consciousness and connect with spirit guides. The ascension process has begun, transformation begins and life will shift into a new frequency while you meet others of like mind and matching vibrations. It is your power, your energy and it is your life, this is why you are here.

I work within the realm of spirit and am open to communication, visual guidance and many levels of healing available from the spirit world. The work done during a session may include the following : physical illness/pain, past/present life maladies, addiction, fear, depression, malaise, field integration, core and DNA activation/reconstruction and progressive spiritual awareness/awakening/healing.

All practiced faiths are honored and respected.

Subtle but noticeable changes will begin to take place in the physical body as well as in daily life and time is needed to allow the body and self to adjust.

Although my work involves energy, I do not associate my sessions with Reiki or any specific advertised form of healing modality.  It is my chosen life purpose and decisive commitment and dedication to serve as a catalyst.

You may contact me at any time during this shift/change if you have any questions or concerns.

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